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Thank You

Misty Hardin Annual Fund Endowment

When you give to the Misty Hardin Annual Fund Endowment, you are ensuring that we can keep our tuition affordable, increase our teachers’ pay and keep our programs up to date with technology and quality facilities.  Our donors expect us to be good stewards of the gifts we receive.  The short and long-range plans of the GCS Board of Directors ensure that we continue to "live within our means" as we grow the school.  Your gift will ensure the long term viability of Georgia Christian School.  Knowing the impact that the school has had over the last century, you can be a part of the next 100 years of impacting lives for Christ.

There are several ways to donate to the Misty Hardin Annual Fund Endowment.  While cash gifts are the simplest and most common form of giving, gifts of real estate, securities or insurance are also ways to donate.  All of these provide potential tax-deductible savings.  This can be accomplished through your estate planning as well. 

If you are interested in learning about how your gift can make a difference in children’s lives for eternity, contact Brad Lawson (229) 559-5131 or via email to set up an appointment.

What Happens When You Give?

Now you can donate your way!  Click on the "Donate" button below and choose the area you wish to donate (Scholarships, Athletics, or Capital Projects).  You can also choose "monthly payment" to make it a recurring donation!  Thank you for helping us change lives one at time for over 100 years.

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