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Why GCS?

Why send your child to Georgia Christian School?  For over 100 years, GCS has been changing lives one at a time.  The founders of GCS wanted a school that would instill a Christian foundation in students by providing chapel and Bible classes on a daily basis.  While everything we do is based on Christianity, we do offer a challenging curriculum that has prepared students for the next step in life.  Some have gone on to top ranked colleges and universities, becoming doctors, lawyers, professors, nurses, teachers, veterinarians, small business owners, etc.  Others have chosen technical schools and developed vital skills that are needed for up to 60% of today's jobs.  Still others have gone on to serve our country in the military.

Whatever GCS graduates have gone on to do, they share a common bond.  They came from a school filled with adults that truly cared about them as individuals.  They instilled the love of God, family, and country, and the timeless values of respect, honesty, integrity, hard work, and accountability.  These are the things that our country was founded on and made it great.  And these are the things that we still hold near and dear at Georgia Christian School.

Georgia Christian School is a beacon to the world.  Every year we have international students coming to our school to experience GCS.  They have come from Argentina, Brazil, China, Germany, Ghana, Japan, Mexico, Panama, Russia, South Korea, Turkey, Vietnam and many other countries!

If things like small class size, fully certified Christian teachers, a challenging curriculum, daily Bible classes/chapel, and being a part of a family matter, then look no further.  Just ask a GCS alum and they'll tell you that GCS is one of the best things that they've ever experienced!  Call the school today to schedule your tour and see for yourself the Georgia Christian School difference.   

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