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Gym Floor Renovation Rendering

Now that the gym roof has been repaired, it is time to focus on renovating the floor. It has been over ten years since the floor was stripped, sanded and repainted. We are hoping to get this completed by the start of basketball season this year. This is a $15,000 project and we have a little over half committed. If you are interested in donating towards this, please hit the "Donate" button below or send a check to the school with "Gym Floor Renovation" in the memo line. Thank you in advance for your support!




Lacy Elrod Gymnasium Roof Repair Completed!

COMPLETED! One of the most iconic buildings on the GCS campus is the Lacy Elrod Gymnasium.  Built by GCS Board members, parents, students and alumni, the gym impacts every student every year.  It hosts volleyball, basketball, pep rallies, Open House, Christmas and musical programs, awards programs, Kindergarten Graduation, High School Graduation and more.  Maintenance of this building is vitally important.  We asked for your help to put a protective coating on the gym roof.  The total cost was $8,000.  Thank you for helping with this project and for supporting our mission!



Ralph and Helen Hamm Lobby Renovation Completed!

Thank you for helping us honor those to whom honor is due!  The Alumni Association dues were saved for the Gym Lobby Renovation.  We are happy to announce that it was named after the late Ralph and Helen Hamm (G-Daddy and Pam-Pam to most who knew them).  It is highly unlikely that anyone has attended more Generals Basketball games than these two. Mr. Ralph had every newspaper clipping seemingly ever printed, filmed games for years, made collages with photos and articles that he gave to the school, and continued to attend games long after his grandchildren had graduated.  

Our goal was to raise $10,000 for a new floor, new ceiling, and new LED lights in the lobby.  We did it with your help!  The lobby was dedicated at Homecoming on December 15, 2018.  Thank you for helping us honor a couple that loved GCS and basketball so dearly!  


Manager Ralph Hamm with first Basketball State Championship!


Welcome to the GCS Alumni Page!  Julie Dykes is the Director of Alumni Relations.  In this position, she will help to coordinate class reunions, update the Alumni list, and provide information about happenings at the school and in the lives of GCS Alumni.  She will also serve as the liaison between the GCS Alumni Association and the school.

In the meantime, if you have moved or are not currently receiving information about the school, please email Julie Dykes ( 

Whether you are a graduate from the mid-1900s or one from 2017, we are excited to get you reconnected to the GCS of today!  Through events, functions and newsletters, we hope to help you reconnect with each other and with what Georgia Christian School represents today in our community.  If you are on facebook, please be sure to stay tuned to our Alumni Page.



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