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GCS Dress Code

Several principles affect the development of the GCS dress code. First, the Bible teaches that God is concerned with the condition of our heart. The way we choose to dress often reflects our attitudes and the condition of our heart.  Dress can express respect or rebellion, care or lack of concern, modesty or indecency. Second, a student’s appearance can affect learning.  In order to provide a more conducive educational environment, GCS must encourage appropriate dress and grooming. Third, some aspects of dress are simply cultural.  Several issues in the GCS dress code are not moral or Christian in nature; some are merely issues of decorum and neatness. Finally, the dress code acknowledges the differences in styles appropriate for boys and girls and recognizes that these differences sometimes require that different rules apply.

All students K5-12th grades MUST wear the clothing apparel available through Diamond T Embroidery (to include the GCS logo).  The only exception to this is in regards to pants.  Only pants in the colors of khaki, navy blue, gray or black may be worn.  They can be purchased elsewhere without the GCS logo.

The complete Dress Code Information for the 2023-24 School Year can be found in the Student Handbooks.