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How Do I Apply for Dual Enrollment

High school students wishing to enroll in the Dual Enrollment program must first meet with their high school guidance counselor. New Dual Enrollment students will be asked to complete a Wiregrass Dual Enrollment Application packet which will include all of the required forms needed to participate in the program. Click to download the Application Packet. Students who have taken classes before will complete this one page Application.

Additionally, students will be asked to go onto the GAFutures website to apply for their financial aid. Once a student has done this, his/her high school counselor will then add the approved classes in Stars, and the Wiregrass Financial Aid office will approve the courses. New Dual Enrollment students must complete the online Dual Enrollment funding application each semester they are enrolled at the college; failure to do so will result in them being billed for their Wiregrass classes.


Direction to complete online Ga futures application for financial aid for Dual Enrollment:

1. Sign-in

2. Click: Hope and State Aid Programs

3. Click: State Scholarships & Grants

4. Click: Application Procedure & Deadline

5. Click: Apply Now

6. Click: Add New Application

7. Fill out the information and Submit