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At GCS, we instill a deep respect for our country and want to continually show our appreciation for those who make our country safe!  


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We are committed to providing a safe environment that promotes Biblical-based Christian principles.  Traits such as putting others before self, personal responsibility, honesty, etc. are expected of all students that attend GCS.  Our students attend Bible class and chapel every day.  While GCS is affiliated with the Churches of Christ, about 50% of our student body comes from families belonging to Baptist, Methodist, Church of God, and other congregations.   We encourage each student to  work out their own salvation with fear and trembling (Phil 2:12).  Please refer to our Statement of Faith. 


Our campus is a safe environment where students are taught by Christian men and women that are fully certified and have the student's best interest at heart. Smaller class sizes ensure students get the attention they need to succeed. GCS is fully accredited and students are able to go to top colleges and universities. If students are willing to put forth the effort, they can get what they need to stand above their peers. Advanced Placement (AP) classes are available in all core subjects and students are able to dual enroll for college credit. Our commitment to technology and continual teacher professional development ensure that our students are ready for their next step in life. Recent graduates have been accepted into top rated progams of pharmacy, veterinary, law, nursing, engineering, etc. They attribute their success with a personal work ethic coupled with the challenges that the GCS staff provided them.