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Generals Soccer


Just a look at the GCS Football Logo

Clubs the world over are recognized by their shields, crests, logos... whatever you may refer to them as these symbols mean alot to the clubs that brandish them on their clothing and the fans that sport them as well. In an attempt to provide the program at GCS with the heritage that it deserves a crest was developed in 2004. What you see below is the finished product. 

The actual shield shape was taken from the Georgia Christian School Crest and the rest is an adaptation to that original crest. The symbol at the top left is the shield for the great state of Georgia. To the right of the the inspired word of God, the Holy Bible. Below the Bible is a hand in the shape of a fist with team written across the fingers. The purpose of this is to show that as fingers as individuals if we try to poke or attack alone we could injure ourself to no avail, but together. Together as a fist as one, we can accomplish much much more. To the left of the fist is of course.... a football yes that is what most of the world call a football, but if you must call it a soccer ball then that will be fine. The banner below states when the sport began to be played competitively at GCS, 1999. This is our crest and we wear it with pride.