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Alumni Spotlight

Georgia Christian School prepares its students for life by providing a Christian foundation.  Here we highlight their journey and how Georgia Christian School has impacted their life. 

Jill Bridges, Class of 1979

Winston ('80) and Jill Bridges ('79)


Since High School Graduation we attended college, married-32 years and had three children- Cole, Casey and Cayla, all of which attended GCS. Each of our children are married and have blessed us with six grandchildren!

So many fond memories we have of our years at GCS!  All included friends, teachers, coaches and all of the parents who supported us along the way! Being young, you just didn't realize the sacrifices made by families to send their children to a Christian school. Many families traveled thirty miles or more to attend a school where the Bible was taught daily. And back in the day, it was just an awesome place to learn, grow and have many good times!  The memories are cherished in our hearts!!!

We love hearing from our high school friends still today and will forever hold the ones that have left this life way too early in our hearts!

Winston currently grows vegetables in Morven, GA, a part of Brooks County, as well as, cotton, peanuts, pecans and cattle.  I am in charge of weekly payroll and having fun with the grands! I was raised on a farm but really did not have any intentions of marrying a farmer.  Well, I am happily married to a farmer of 32 years! I guess God knew what was best for the two of us.  A cute boy that you met at GCS in the 4th grade, whom was a good friend always, ends up marrying a farmer's daughter and then he becomes the farmer. Who would have ever thought?  We are blessed! …. Jill Bridges class of 1979